This fictionalized story is factual in every detail.

Cover story with text and photographs by Hope Ryden

bobcat studies the photographer

Bobcat Year


First serial to Smithsonian magazine

Scientificallly, accurate, semifictional accounts of a wild animal's "year" are universally popular. Hope Ryden, author of "God's Dog" and "America's Last Wild Horses," has raised the genre to new heights in this dramatic story of two bobcat families. It is a brilliant synthesis, drawn from three years' study of both wild and captive animals.
Publishers Weekly

A narrative of exceptional vitality, full of individual situations and reactions that lift this above the "typical" composite, yet illustrate behavior patterns common to the species. From a birth that has its own uniique course and individual drama, Ryden follows a male kitten through his months of dependence, first on his mother, and then, after he is swept downstream and stranded outside her territory, on the older female who finds him....Ryden's conviction, intelligent eye and ability to integrate drama and data is impressive.

"Bobcat Year is further proof, as if we needed it, that Hope Ryden has speical connections with the natural world. She is a cosmic link and she is also a fascinationg writer. Lovely, rich, important and rewaqrding."
Roger Caras

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