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When Alison begins her summer visit with her blind cousin Kelly in Wyoming she is not overly enthusiastic. Her journey towards conquering her own fear of heights and of horses in this middle grade novel help her to see her cousin's strengths differently. Hope Ryden uses her extensive knowledge of horses and the Wyoming terrain as a vivid backdrop for this action-packed adventure story.


Translated into Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch and German

"A great novel for horse-loving girls with an exceptional amount of accurate information about wild horses, horse behavior, and riding in general."
Montana State Reading Council

"Wild Horse Summer is filled with the love of horses and adventure -- a fine leisure choice."
Children's Bookwatch

"Believable feelings combined with plenty of action build to a dramatic climax"

"Ryden, well known for nonfiction books about nature, lets her knowledge of horses shine through and succeeds in creating a fast-paced adventure that won't disappoint horse lovers."
American Library Association

"The first person narrative has interesting and intelligent plot and character development. An entertaining horse story with a valuable message about the abilities of 'disabled' persons."
Library Materials Guide, Christian Schools International

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