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Hope's Pix

Hope with boa constrictor in Surinam
grasshopper in grass

Hope Ryden's wildlife photos have appeared in the National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon Magazine, the New York Times Magazine, and many other national magazines. In addition, all of her twenty-three nature books are illustrated with her work, as are many books written by other authors. Selections from two of her books have been chosen to be exhibited in the Celebration of the Fine Art of Children's Book Illustrations--- a rare event for a photographer. Only one other photographer has been so honored.

Hope's picture collection is vast and covers animals in many parts of the world; namely, North America, Central America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

Her photographs can be ordered through National Geographic's Image Collection. She also retains several thousand images at home, which can be ordered by contacting her Email address given elsewhere in this website.


Said Robert Gilka, head of photographic staff of National Geographic to the Christian Science Moniter:

"Very few photographers are as dedicated as Hope is to the kind of work she does, which is very difficult. She gets involved in subjects that are extremely controversial, like wild horses and coyotes, and are extremely difficult from a photographic standpoint. But Hope is so dedicated to the plight of the animals she photographs that she doesn't get discouraged and she doesn't quit --- she perseveres and gets what's needed."