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Hope's Talks

Hope's speaking programs are popular because they are so full of her adventures in the field. During the four years she tracked wild horses, she was challenged by wild stallions protective of their harems. To document her discovery that coyote pups are tended not only by their parents, but also by yearling siblings, she spent seven weeks holed up without a break in a van parked a few yards from a den. Of this tedious experience she says, "Even astronauts have company." Once she was accepted by a bobcat and allowed to go along on a nightly hunt. She isn't sure why she was tolerated, but says, "I tried to imagine I was an oversized kitten being shown the ropes." To illustrate her lively talks, she uses slides and videos of rarely seen behavior. The titles of some of her talks are as follows:

Living With Coyotes

On the Track of the West's Wild Horses

The Secret Life of the Bobcat

Whatever Goes On Inside a Beaver Lodge!

The War of the Squirrels: The Reds versus the Grays

America's Faithful Eagle Mates for Life

........and more

Informal library talk


American Museum of Natural History, New York
Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.
Queens College, New York
Tropical Audubon Society, Miami
Brichell Avenue Literary Society, Miami
Explorers Club, New York
Rochester Museum and Science Center
University of Chicago
Chautauqua Institute, New York
University of Wyoming
Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
University of Iowa
Sierra Club
College of the Atlantic, Maine
Sigma Xi Science Fraternity, New Jersey
Brooklyn Public Library,
Elementary Schools

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