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Wildflowers Around the Year

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While snow was still on the ground, Hope Ryden set out to find and photograph a year of wildflowers. From the swamp-loving skunk cabbage to the late-blooming New England aster, she "collected" her bouquet with a macro lens that allows readers to see blossoms as insects do ---- as oversized and gorgeous invitations to dine. Her text describes how these flowers got their names, what they have been used for, and how each one entices a favored pollinator.


Wildflowers Around the Year is named a Best Book for the Teen Age List 2002.
The New York Public Library

"Her large incredibly sharp, full color photographs are stunning. The text is both informative and personal."
Starred review by School Library Journal

"A beautiful browsing book of wildflower photos and meandering reminiscences by the author of Wild Horses I Have Known and other books on nature. Sometimes she includes snippets of poetry, medicinal or Indian lore or how the plant got its name...sure to be enjoyed by nature lovers and great for quick identification of something lovely."

"There's nothing about the design of this handsome book of wildflowers to indicate that it was written for children; it's the short, simple text that makes it accessible."

Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children
National Science Teachers Association

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