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For two uncomfortable years the author camped in remote areas of Wyoming and Montana, observing and photographing the elusive coyote in an effort to discover the truth behind the ignorance and misinformation that has plagued this much-maligned animal for over two hundred years. This book, considered the classic treatise on the subject, is the end result of that research. It has prompted comparisons to Jane Goodall's work in Africa.


"With this attractive animal under pressure from people who are biologically illiterate, we need definite information as to the way of life of this mammal. Ms. Ryden has added much insight to our understanding of the coyote."
Roger Tory Peterson

"As the wilderness shrinks, man's moral responsibilities increase. Hope Ryden's book is as full of charm and tenacious inquitiveness as the appealing animal she pleads to see allowed to live."
The Washington Post

"In God's Dog, as in earlier books, Hope Ryden mixes love and reason in her own special blender and comes out with very good natural history data, a clear picture of what the problem is and a faultless and reasoned attitude."
The New York Times

"As either natural history or personal adventure, this is a superb book."
Publishers Weekly

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